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Day One

Recovering from my Harry Potter hang over

I desperately need to come to terms with the fact that it really is over (at least for now). So I have decided to just blog about it until I get sick of it. Which may never happen but at least it’s helping my sanity. 

Today I need to rant and rave about some things that were left out of HP7-2 that left me slightly unsatisfied. Id like to preface this with the fact that I believe that the movie was superb and applaud everyone who had a hand in making it. That being said, if these were somehow incorporated, the film would have ended up being, in fact, flawless. Let’s cross our fingers for the deleted scenes.

One: Dumbledore’s past

They really did not give us much here at all and the end result was quite disappointing. Dumbledore, in the minds of ones who have only seen the films, is still the pure, almost divine character that has never done anything wrong in his life. Those who have read the novel however, know the true Dumbledore in all of his impurities. There was no tale of the tragedy of his sister and how his brother was labelled a lunatic and all of his family history. There was no explanation of his and Grindelwald’s relationship, no “greater good”. Basically , they simplified the character to an offensive point and if I were Rowling, I would definitely be pissed.

Two: Percy

After the first movie, Percy was all but dropped. He appears in the Order of the Phoenix in a scene working for the minister and trying to aid in Dumbledore’s arrest then he shows up again in the final scenes, reunited with his family, fighting some good old death eaters. There was no explanation of the fight he had with his parents, all of the tragedy that went along with it, or the tender moment when he came back. Not saying that this is a really big flaw, I am just saying that it would have been nice to remember that Ron had yet another flame-head brother.

Three: James Potter

This one was a serious downer. I know we are all heart broken about Snape. Trust me, I, like you, sobbed for thirty minutes straight when I saw Alan Rickman’s tortured face as he held Lily in his arms and wept.However, we did not get the full effect of his torment! They glamorized James Potter just as they glamorized Dumbledore. They did not show him being a complete ass to Lily or unnecessarily cruel. Sure, they threw in one scene with him suspending poor “Snivelous” by his ankles and threatening to pull down his trousers but i do not think that we saw how truly mean he was.  It also did not show the turning point where Snape, in a fit of rage no doubt brought on by Potter senior, calls Lily a mudblood, a scene which, in the book, broke my heart. So here’s to hoping: deleted scenes, please give us an extended prince’s tale!

Four: Odds and ends

Not meaning to nit-pick but the scene with Rowena Ravenclaw’s spooky ghost daughter made little sense at all. They should have either incorporated her full tale or left her out entirely and given him some other way to find the diadem because what they did just seemed sort of half assed.

Also, I wanted the scene where Ron and Hermione kissed to happen exactly the way it happened in the book: right in front of everyone. 

They did add a line in, though, that I particularly liked. It was something Dumbledore said at the end at “King’s Cross” about the power of words. I looked in the book to find it but I am pretty sure it is not there. It was when he was talking about the phrase “help will always be provided to those who ask for it” or something like that. I someone knows what I am talking about, I would love them forever if they can tell me the quote. 

That’s it for me today, I’m sure my ranting and rambling has bored anyone who attempted to read this but if you made it to the bottom, I congratulate you. As for me, I feel a bit better now.  

brilliant!!! (apparantly all i am posting today is harry potter stuff…)



things i’d like to do with matthew lewis

  • turn his resurrection stone
  • let him slay me like nagini
  • fly on his broomstick
  • let him frolic in my chamber of secrets
  • sort his hat
  • whomp his willow
  • etc
  • etc

 obviously i am not asking for this from matt (or am i) BUT I’M REBLOGGING BECAUSE OH MY GOD WHO WOULDNT






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